3 Smart Entrepreneur Ideas for the beginner

The entrepreneurship environment sentiment is great today than ever, thanks to the expansion of the internet technology.  People like Mark Zuckerburg, Larry page, and David Filo have successfully built multibillion-dollar enterprises by leveraging the internet. And now, everyone dreams of quitting their 9-5 job to create and run their own business. So if you’re thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship, consider these successful business ideas:

1.       Transcription business is one of the most creative business ideas today

Transcription is a field that is growing at a frantic pace today. Transcription means merely converting audio to text. If you’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube lately, you’ve noticed that text accompanies them. That’s the work of transcribers. Most organizations want text versions of their recorded meetings to keep as records for growth decisions. Journalists make recordings when out there gathering information for the public, which has to be transcribed and put on print. You can see why transcription is a booming business today. The cool part about transcription is that it’s one of the most lucrative business ideas with low investment. You only need a computer, good quality headphones and excellent listening and typing skills and you’re good to go.

2.       Food delivery service is one of the best entrepreneur Ideas for the beginner

With today’s busy lifestyles, people want things that can save them time. This is one of the most successful business ideas because people will always eat. The demand for food has skyrocketed because people these days don’t want to move out of the comfort of their offices or homes to eat. That’s why food delivery business is gaining momentum. However, there is a catch: you must produce good quality, tasty food to succeed in food delivery service. Otherwise, people won’t eat your food. The good thing about food delivery service is that you can cook from your own home. So you’ll cross the cost of rent off your list of expenses. The only expense you might incur is power, water, and gas.

3.       General cleaning services can be a successful business idea

Cleaning services is an overlooked domain yet it can be profitable. Many households are dual-income today, which means both parties in the marriage have a job or run a business. And many families no longer employ house helps. So they solicit the services of cleaning companies. You can reap big if you start a general cleaning services business today.


With the growth of the internet technology, there are plenty of creative small business ideas that you can start today with little investment. You just have to scour the internet to find and execute them. This list gives you a good starting point.

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